Codycross Fantasy World Group 880 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Cloth Rests For Broken Arms
Solution: Slings

Question: Comedic Pastiche Of Someone
Solution: Parody

Question: Greek Goddess Of Wisdom
Solution: Athena

Question: Group Discussion Heart To Heart Chat
Solution: Powwow

Question: Just Over Three Light Years
Solution: Parsec

Question: Kitty Artists Muse Mentioned In Lucy Locket
Solution: Fisher

Question: Living Corpse
Solution: Undead

Question: Loathing
Solution: Hating

Question: Sweet Sticky Drizzles For Topping Ice Cream
Solution: Sauces

Question: The Warmest Season Of The Year
Solution: Summer

Question: This Is What The Crew Team Does
Solution: Rowing

Question: Hawkes Mens Outfitters Based In Savile Row
Solution: Gieves

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