Codycross Fantasy World Group 880 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Actor Steve McGarrett In Hawaii Five O
Solution: Jack lord

Question: Cherry Brandy Supports Mothers Ruin
Solution: Gin sling

Question: Clerics Or Spiritual Work From Religious People
Solution: Ministry

Question: Eight Of Them Pull Santas Sleigh
Solution: Reindeer

Question: Elvis Presleys Song About Mans Best Friend
Solution: Hound dog

Question: Feline Wee
Solution: Cat urine

Question: First Name Of German Renaissance Painter Durer
Solution: Albrecht

Question: Foam Footwear For The Beach
Solution: Flip flop

Question: Forest Home Of The Merry Men
Solution: Sherwood

Question: From An Indonesian Island With Many Hindus
Solution: Balinese

Question: Hiring Someone Who Is Appealing
Solution: Engaging

Question: Inventor Who Developed Straw Weaving Technique
Solution: Mary kies

Question: Monument That Attracts Tourist Visitors
Solution: Landmark

Question: Playground Game Where Kids Link Arms And Run
Solution: Red rover

Question: Ricks Cafe Americain In Casablanca Is An Example
Solution: Gin joint

Question: Sal The Narrator Of Kerouacs On The Road
Solution: Paradise

Question: Semicircle Shaped Road
Solution: Crescent

Question: Punishment Chastisement By Striking
Solution: Corporal

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