Codycross Fantasy World Group 879 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A 1960s Alfred Hitchcock Film About A Motel
Solution: Psycho

Question: Below The Position Of Servants In Grand Houses
Solution: Stairs

Question: Bring Goods In To Sell
Solution: Import

Question: Charles Dickens Wrote Of The Artful
Solution: Dodger

Question: Disdains Mocks
Solution: Scorns

Question: Hannah German Born Philosopher
Solution: Arendt

Question: Hecatoncheires Were Examples Of Such Huge Beings
Solution: Giants

Question: Player Who Dishes Out Cards In A Poker Game
Solution: Dealer

Question: Surrealist Sculptor Donatis First Name
Solution: Enrico

Question: Zodiac Sign Represented By A Crab
Solution: Cancer

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