Codycross Fantasy World Group 879 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Another Name For The Hairy Hedgehog Or Moonrat
Solution: Gymnure

Question: End Of A Romantic Relationship
Solution: Breakup

Question: Famous Italian River Crossed By Caesar In 49 BC
Solution: Rubicon

Question: Fictional Steampunk Directed Energy Firearms
Solution: Rayguns

Question: Magical Idea Of Casting Evil Through A Dirty Look
Solution: Evil eye

Question: Mythical Women With Snake Instead Of Hair
Solution: Gorgons

Question: Name Given To Strands Of Saffron
Solution: Threads

Question: Painting Tools
Solution: Brushes

Question: Shocker Describes A Poor Sporting Performance
Solution: Stinker

Question: Sofas Settees
Solution: Couches

Question: War US Battle Film With Brad Pitt As A General
Solution: Machine

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