Codycross Fantasy World Group 879 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Holy Fish Including Wahoos And Pacific Sierras
Solution: Mackerels

Question: A Woman Who Performs Magic Like A Witch
Solution: Sorceress

Question: Britains Millennium Wheel
Solution: London eye

Question: En Food Cooking Style Literally In Paper
Solution: Papillote

Question: Graceful Classical Ballet Pose On One Leg
Solution: Arabesque

Question: Large Island Country Down Under
Solution: Australia

Question: Leader Of A Tribal Group
Solution: Chieftain

Question: Magical Future Telling Via Fire
Solution: Pyromancy

Question: Person With An Excessive Fear Of Heights
Solution: Acrophobe

Question: Potsdam Summer Palace Of Frederick The Great
Solution: Sanssouci

Question: Relating To Religion Having Other Worldly Beliefs
Solution: Spiritual

Question: Speaking Ones Thoughts Out Loud On Stage
Solution: Soliloquy

Question: Stress A Point Or Put A Straight Row Beneath Text
Solution: Underline

Question: What Is Below This Clue
Solution: Underline

Question: Yakko Wakko Dot
Solution: Animaniac

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