Codycross Fantasy World Group 878 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Book Section Not To Be Confused With Epilogue
Solution: Afterword

Question: Extravehicular Activity Outside Earths Atmosphere
Solution: Spacewalk

Question: Gifts For The Deceased
Solution: Offerings

Question: In Incan Mythology The God Who Created The World
Solution: Viracocha

Question: Many New Book Illustrations Are Made With These
Solution: Computers

Question: Side Laughter So Funny That It Hurts
Solution: Splitting

Question: Site Of Henry Vs Famous Battle Victory In 1415
Solution: Agincourt

Question: South American Country Named After Silver
Solution: Argentina

Question: Timed Oven Used For Warming Food
Solution: Microwave

Question: Tiny Drink Holder For 15 Ounces Of Alcohol
Solution: Shot glass

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