Codycross Fantasy World Group 878 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Condition Caused By A Vitamin B 1 Deficiency
Solution: Beriberi

Question: An Eastern European Country Neighboring Romania
Solution: Bulgaria

Question: Argumentative Ill Natured Like Shakespeares Kate
Solution: Shrewish

Question: Basketball Player Who Begins Game On The Bench
Solution: Sixth man

Question: Carbonated Soft Drink With Iconic Red Cans
Solution: Coca cola

Question: Cartoon Big Red Dog
Solution: Clifford

Question: Entirety Of Earth Our Solar System And Beyond
Solution: Universe

Question: Fake Offer At An Auction To Raise The Lot Price
Solution: Dummy bid

Question: Fobs Attached To Door Unlocking Devices
Solution: Keyrings

Question: Game Board With Pieces Such As Knights And Rooks
Solution: Chess set

Question: Greek God Of Dreams
Solution: Morpheus

Question: Misappropriate Or Misuse Funds Intended Elsewhere
Solution: Embezzle

Question: Musician And Producer Originally With Roxy Music
Solution: Brian eno

Question: New Orleans Author Known For Vampire Tales
Solution: Anne rice

Question: Performer Whose Goal Is To Make People Laugh
Solution: Comedian

Question: Person Who Arranges Publicity For Boxing Matches
Solution: Promoter

Question: Relation Who Brought Up John Lennon
Solution: Aunt mimi

Question: Shoes That Dont Hurt Feet Function Over Form
Solution: Sensible

Question: Talk Nineteen To Continuously And Untiringly
Solution: Thedozen

Question: The Deathstalker Is A Type Of This Arachnid
Solution: Scorpion

Question: Time Period That Followed The Silurian Period
Solution: Devonian

Question: Tips Or Alms
Solution: Bakshish

Question: Village People Hit About A Masculine Male
Solution: Macho man

Question: Where The Cyclops Sported Their Single Eye
Solution: Forehead

Question: Bratt Of Law Order Miss Congeniality
Solution: Benjamin

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