Codycross Fantasy World Group 877 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Cord Of Fibrous Tissue Attaching A Muscle To Bone
Solution: Tendon

Question: Dame Shirley Singer Of Several Bond Hits
Solution: Bassey

Question: Divine Mother In Ancient Welsh Mythology
Solution: Modron

Question: James Camerons Film About The Navi Alien Race
Solution: Avatar

Question: Ligament Partner
Solution: Tendon

Question: Nationality Of Surrealist Writer Breton
Solution: French

Question: Nickname Of The Monster In A Scottish Loch
Solution: Nessie

Question: Red Fruit Often Mistaken For Vegetable
Solution: Tomato

Question: Sheryl Sandburg Book About Grabbing Opportunities
Solution: Lean in

Question: Something Unusual
Solution: Oddity

Question: Three Main Types Are Private Corporate Or Charity
Solution: Events

Question: Water Separated From A Larger Source By A Reef
Solution: Lagoon

Question: Out End Disappointingly
Solution: Fizzle

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