Codycross Fantasy World Group 877 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Flowery Shepherdess
Solution: Amaryllis

Question: Anna Architect Who Invented The K Brick
Solution: Keichline

Question: Astronomers Equipment For Viewing Planets
Solution: Telescope

Question: Countryside Expanse Of A Yellow Crop
Solution: Rape field

Question: Famous Rascally Rabbit
Solution: Bugs bunny

Question: Feeling Of Being Thankful And Appreciative
Solution: Gratitude

Question: Flat Cutout Toy For Kids To Dress Up
Solution: Paper doll

Question: French Heroine Who Heard Voices
Solution: Joan of arc

Question: He Introduced Christmas Cards To The World
Solution: Henry cole

Question: Hemerocallis Flowers That Only Bloom For 24 Hours
Solution: Daylilies

Question: Mound Of Sweetness Used In The Past A Mountain
Solution: Sugar loaf

Question: Open Skin Pore That Has Been Clogged
Solution: Blackhead

Question: Rail Disaster Of 1879 Near Dundee
Solution: Tay bridge

Question: The 1972 Crime Film Based On Mario Puzos Novel
Solution: Godfather

Question: The Surname Of King Arthur He Wielded Excalibur
Solution: Pendragon

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