Codycross Fantasy World Group 877 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Comet With An Orbit Lasting Less Than 200 Years
Solution: Periodic

Question: Communist Walter Who Led Berlin Wall Construction
Solution: Ulbricht

Question: Dutch Father And Son Renaissance Painters
Solution: Brueghel

Question: Family Home That Features In Austens Persuasion
Solution: Kellynch

Question: Kiwi Home To The 1950 And 1990 Commonwealth Games
Solution: Auckland

Question: Lived Through
Solution: Survived

Question: Magic Sorcery
Solution: Wizardry

Question: Massive Multiplayer Online Game World Of
Solution: Warcraft

Question: Nena Sang About 99 Of These Red Decorations
Solution: Balloons

Question: Pilots And Sunglasses
Solution: Aviators

Question: Strong Seasonal Winds In Southern California
Solution: Santa ana

Question: The Of Broadway 1949 Astaire And Rogers Movie
Solution: Barkleys

Question: Tree Bark Spice Paired With Apples
Solution: Cinnamon

Question: Washing Ceremony That Purifies Like A Baptism
Solution: Ablution

Question: Witchs Sidekick In Animal Form
Solution: Familiar

Question: Pare French Royal Surgeon In The 16th Century
Solution: Ambroise

Question: Chamber An Echoless Place
Solution: Anechoic

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