Codycross Fantasy World Group 876 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: 2009 Leah Andreone Album
Solution: Avalanche

Question: A Stick Used By A Wizard To Cast Spells
Solution: Magic wand

Question: Arthur Gordon Pyms Town In Edgar Allen Poe Novel
Solution: Nantucket

Question: Celtic Goddess Of Sacred Waters Wells And Streams
Solution: Coventina

Question: Experience Of Feeling Detached Or Floating
Solution: Out of body

Question: Explain The Meaning In An Understandable Way
Solution: Interpret

Question: Florence Gallery That Houses The David Sculpture
Solution: Accademia

Question: Green Plant You Kiss Under At Christmastime
Solution: Mistletoe

Question: Printed Puzzle With Cryptic Clues
Solution: Crossword

Question: A Skyscraper Iconic New York Photograph
Solution: Lunch atop

Question: The Great Young Macedonian Conqueror
Solution: Alexander

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