Codycross Fantasy World Group 876 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: By The Light Of The Moon
Solution: Silvery

Question: Area Of London Where Queen Elizabeth II Was Born
Solution: Mayfair

Question: Earths First Artificial Satellite
Solution: Sputnik

Question: Italian Tube Shaped Pastry Filled With Cream
Solution: Cannoli

Question: MacGyver Works For This Foundation
Solution: Phoenix

Question: Mystical Unexplainable
Solution: Magical

Question: P T Barnums Profession
Solution: Showman

Question: Patting A Baby After A Feed To Get Wind Up
Solution: Burping

Question: Steampunk Musician With A Robot Backing Band
Solution: Dr steel

Question: Tennis Player John Who Cannot Be Serious
Solution: Mcenroe

Question: Web Based Serial Audio Show
Solution: Podcast

Question: Zeus To The Romans
Solution: Jupiter

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