Codycross Fantasy World Group 876 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Actor Who Played Clown In 1990 TV Version Of It
Solution: Tim curry

Question: Artist Known For Geometry And Primary Shades
Solution: Mondrian

Question: Beethoven Piano Work Bagatelle No 25
Solution: Fur elise

Question: Coastal City In Georgia USA Also A Girls Name
Solution: Savannah

Question: Dissolvable Cube That Freshens And Cleans Toilets
Solution: Rim block

Question: Dried Berries From Black Corinth Grapes
Solution: Currants

Question: Final Resting Place Thats Full Of Gravestones
Solution: Cemetery

Question: Greek Protector Of Seafarers Son Of Cronus
Solution: Poseidon

Question: Imaginary Terrifying Creatures
Solution: Monsters

Question: Jenny And Melissa Celebrity Cousins
Solution: Mccarthy

Question: Longest River In Ethiopia
Solution: Blue nile

Question: Merkels Predecessor As Germanys Chancellor
Solution: Schroder

Question: Newly Enlisted Members Of The Armed Forces
Solution: Recruits

Question: Original Title Of O Holy Night Du Noel
Solution: Cantique

Question: Photomechanical Way Of Making Printing Plates
Solution: Transfer

Question: Romes First Emperor
Solution: Augustus

Question: Shark Waters Ocean Area Filled With Predators
Solution: Infested

Question: Silver Alloy Used To Make Earrings Forks
Solution: Sterling

Question: The Stock Exchange For Hong Kong
Solution: Hang seng

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