Codycross Fantasy World Group 875 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Brighton And Hove Southern England Footie Side
Solution: Albion

Question: Chickpea And Tahini Dip
Solution: Hummus

Question: Country Thats Home To Poutine And Maple Syrup
Solution: Canada

Question: Hot Yoga Restorative Poses For 90 Minutes
Solution: Bikram

Question: Military Ditch
Solution: Trench

Question: Mythological Many Headed Serpents
Solution: Hydras

Question: Permanent Metal Fasteners With Smooth Heads
Solution: Rivets

Question: Poet Cofounder Of Surrealism Paul Aka Grindel
Solution: Eluard

Question: Rural With Simple Countryside Charm
Solution: Rustic

Question: Story Told In Books Of Matthew Mark Luke John
Solution: Gospel

Question: Type Of Horse Formerly Used In Chasing Foxes
Solution: Hunter

Question: Written Text Of A Play
Solution: Script

Question: Over 1997 Bestselling Album For Shania Twain
Solution: Come on

Question: Bender Rhyming Minor Car Crash
Solution: Fender

Question: Cover The Seal For Home Made Preserves
Solution: Jam pot

Question: To Your Leader Say Aliens Landing On Earth
Solution: Take me

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