Codycross Fantasy World Group 875 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: 1944 Robbins Ballet With Bernstein Score
Solution: Fancy free

Question: Actor Jesse Known For Social Network Zombieland
Solution: Eisenberg

Question: Alternative Name For Shakespeares Henry V
Solution: Prince hal

Question: Christian Rite With Bread And Wine
Solution: Eucharist

Question: City And Port In Central Norway
Solution: Trondheim

Question: Frogs And Salamanders Are This Kind Of Animal
Solution: Amphibian

Question: Jazz Trumpeter Covered When Im Sixty Four
Solution: Kenny ball

Question: Queen Of Denmark Mother Of Crown Prince Frederick
Solution: Margrethe

Question: Roys White Tiger Las Vegas Double Act Partner
Solution: Siegfried

Question: Shallow Glass Holder For Agar And Bacteria
Solution: Petri dish

Question: Tabletop Competition
Solution: Board game

Question: Terrycloth Body Coverings Found In Nice Hotels
Solution: Bathrobes

Question: Water Boiler For A Caffeinated Drink
Solution: Teakettle

Question: Wife Of Arthur And Lover Of Lancelot
Solution: Guinevere

Question: Witches Brewing Pots
Solution: Cauldrons

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