Codycross Fantasy World Group 875 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: 2002 Sam Mendes Movie Road To
Solution: Perdition

Question: A River Flowing Into A Larger River
Solution: Tributary

Question: A State Of Not Being Able To Feel Pain
Solution: Analgesia

Question: Ancient Roman Plebeian Counterpart
Solution: Patrician

Question: Berlins Open Air Roman Style Performance Venue
Solution: Waldbuhne

Question: British Ship Sunk By Germans In World War I
Solution: Lusitania

Question: Celebrate Enjoy Oneself Let Ones Hair Down
Solution: Make merry

Question: E Coli Cell For Example
Solution: Bacterium

Question: His Dark Philip Pullman Literary Trilogy
Solution: Materials

Question: Lead Singer Of The Supremes Dorothy In The Wiz
Solution: Diana ross

Question: Metis Leader Of The Red River Rebellion 1869 70
Solution: Louis riel

Question: Part Of A Written Letter That Goes Below The Line
Solution: Descender

Question: Prose Narrative On The Mythology Of The Vikings
Solution: Norse saga

Question: Proverbial Dessert Ashamedly Eaten
Solution: Humble pie

Question: Ring Necked North American Game Birds
Solution: Pheasants

Question: Sea Monster Referred In The Old Testament
Solution: Leviathan

Question: Six Octave Piano Gifted To Beethoven In 1817
Solution: Broadwood

Question: Star Trek Captains Say Engage This For Speed
Solution: Warp drive

Question: Subatomic Particles With The Same Mass As Electrons
Solution: Positrons

Question: Sugared Fruit Stored In Jars
Solution: Preserves

Question: The Inability To Feel Pain
Solution: Analgesia

Question: The Pea Sized Endocrine Gland In The Brain
Solution: Pituitary

Question: This Apes Name Means Man Of The Forest In Malay
Solution: Orangutan

Question: To Set Up To Initiate
Solution: Establish

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