Codycross Fantasy World Group 874 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: African Country On The Red Sea Capital Asmara
Solution: Eritrea

Question: Female Canine That Raised Romulus And Remus
Solution: She wolf

Question: Fly Larvae
Solution: Maggots

Question: Freddie Of Queen
Solution: Mercury

Question: In Game Of Thrones What Grey Worm Wasnt
Solution: Sullied

Question: Muscle That Assists In Circular Motion
Solution: Rotator

Question: Marquez Novel Love In The Time Of
Solution: Cholera

Question: Occurs Takes Place
Solution: Happens

Question: Williamina She Ranked Stellar Spectra
Solution: Fleming

Question: Yellow Orange Tinted Quartz Believed To Bring Luck
Solution: Citrine

Question: Tape Used By Decorators To Protect Paintwork
Solution: Masking

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