Codycross Fantasy World Group 874 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: An Example Of One Would Be Gin Rummy
Solution: Card game

Question: Approach To Life Way Of Behaving
Solution: Attitude

Question: Capital Of Nouvelle Aquitaine
Solution: Bordeaux

Question: Comet Cupid Dasher Or Dancer
Solution: Reindeer

Question: Dash To Find Buried Yellow Ore
Solution: Gold rush

Question: Ghost Or Something Else Felt But Not Seen
Solution: Presence

Question: He Wrote Bonfire Of The Vanities
Solution: Tom wolfe

Question: In The Arms Of Morpheus
Solution: Sleeping

Question: Nuclear Fusion Device Using Gaseous Plasma
Solution: Tokamaks

Question: Olympic Winter Sport Or A Bunch Of Bones
Solution: Skeleton

Question: Plant Ingredient In Lotions Sunburn Remedies
Solution: Aloe vera

Question: Plant Planned Development Of Better Species
Solution: Breeding

Question: Quilted Facial And Toilet Tissue Brand
Solution: Cushelle

Question: Reveal Eg A Plot Twist Or A Films Ending
Solution: Give away

Question: Scuba Diving Regulator Device Introduced In 1943
Solution: Aqua lung

Question: Soft Wool For Sweaters And Blankets
Solution: Cashmere

Question: Tacky Film Or Coating That Sticks Things Together
Solution: Adhesive

Question: The Study Of Times Measurement
Solution: Horology

Question: Thriller Film Series With Keanu Reeves As Hitman
Solution: John wick

Question: Two Pieces Of Bread With A Filling
Solution: Sandwich

Question: US And Australian Dash To Find Buried Yellow Ore
Solution: Gold rush

Question: When 1984 Prince Hit About Weeping Birds
Solution: Doves cry

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