Codycross Fantasy World Group 874 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Form Of Programmed Cell Death
Solution: Apoptosis

Question: Alexander Hamiltons Frenemy And Killer
Solution: Aaron burr

Question: Bid From A Live Auction Eg Not On The Telephone
Solution: In the room

Question: Big Hairy Digging Mammal With Bony Plates
Solution: Armadillo

Question: Brown Cocoa Based Sauce To Top Ice Cream
Solution: Chocolate

Question: Casual Work Attire For Fridays
Solution: Dress down

Question: Elusive Religious Drinking Vessel
Solution: Holy grail

Question: Fuel Burning Tool With An Intense Flame
Solution: Blowtorch

Question: Legal Branch Relating To Inventors Rights
Solution: Patent law

Question: Loki Is Known As This In Norse Mythology
Solution: Trickster

Question: Lord Sugars Aide And Countdown Presenter
Solution: Nick hewer

Question: Monarch Furniture Style With Curved Legs
Solution: Queen anne

Question: Movie Starring David Bowie In A Maze
Solution: Labyrinth

Question: Out Of Bounds Beyond What Is Permissible
Solution: Off limits

Question: Photo Sharing Site With Camera Logo
Solution: Instagram

Question: The Family Sitcom Set In 1980s Jenkintown
Solution: Goldbergs

Question: The Book Character Conan Was Called This
Solution: Barbarian

Question: The Capital Of Catalonia
Solution: Barcelona

Question: The Fear Of New Or Unfamiliar Things
Solution: Neophobia

Question: The Large Cambodian Temple Dedicated To Vishnu
Solution: Angkor wat

Question: To Restock The Supply Or Restore Something
Solution: Replenish

Question: Winning The Four Major Tennis Or Golf Titles
Solution: Grand slam

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