Codycross Fantasy World Group 873 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Far Away I Will Always Love You Sings Adele
Solution: However

Question: Alphabetically First Of The Four Corners States
Solution: Arizona

Question: Another Name For The Sasquatch Or Yeti
Solution: Bigfoot

Question: Broken Pottery With A Written Inscription
Solution: Ostraca

Question: Ceramics Such As Blue And White Delft
Solution: Pottery

Question: Dogs Like Snoopy
Solution: Beagles

Question: First Black President Of South Africa
Solution: Mandela

Question: Half Woman Half Fish
Solution: Mermaid

Question: Italian Anise Liqueur Often Added To Coffee
Solution: Sambuca

Question: Longing Desiring Hankering For Food
Solution: Craving

Question: Oxygen Gold And Calcium Are Each One
Solution: Element

Question: Person Hired To Manage A Museum Collection
Solution: Curator

Question: Sir Thomas Owner Of Austens Mansfield Park
Solution: Bertram

Question: This Marvel Villains Real Name Is Max Eisenhardt
Solution: Magneto

Question: What Happens When Two Pots Are Hit Together
Solution: Banging

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