Codycross Fantasy World Group 873 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: 2015 Movie And A Dead Person Come Back As A Ghost
Solution: Revenant

Question: A Genre Of Mexican Music A Band
Solution: Mariachi

Question: Adult Male Horse Used For Breeding
Solution: Stallion

Question: Alice Walker Classic Book And Movie Purple
Solution: The color

Question: Aretha Benjamin Rosalind
Solution: Franklin

Question: Belinda Solo Singer Formerly A Go Go
Solution: Carlisle

Question: Ceremonial Cart Pulled By Horses
Solution: Carriage

Question: Christian Devotees Who Live And Pray On Pillars
Solution: Stylites

Question: Forest Region In Meuse And Moselle Valleys
Solution: Ardennes

Question: GOAT Stands For Of All Time
Solution: Greatest

Question: Ghosts Spirits Night Wanderers In Welsh Folklore
Solution: Gwyllion

Question: Huge Floor Cushions
Solution: Beanbags

Question: Mixture Of Two Separate Substances Into One
Solution: Compound

Question: Most Crunchy Chip
Solution: Crispest

Question: Nikes Famous Slogan
Solution: Just do it

Question: Officially No Longer Married
Solution: Divorced

Question: Site Of A Well Preserved Section Of The Great Wall
Solution: Badaling

Question: This Is A Persons Build Shape Appearance
Solution: Physique

Question: Types Of Synthetic Paints Used By Artists
Solution: Acrylics

Question: Understanding Someone Elses Feelings
Solution: Sympathy

Question: Jim Melchetts Pigeon In Blackadder Goes Forth
Solution: Speckled

Question: Confession Owning Up Before One Passes Away
Solution: Deathbed

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