Codycross Fantasy World Group 873 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Alcoholic Drink Made From Chinese Grains
Solution: Rice wine

Question: Danish Author Of The Emperors New Clothes
Solution: Andersen

Question: European Area With No Checks At Mutual Borders
Solution: Schengen

Question: Father Of The Theory Of Relativity
Solution: Einstein

Question: Getting Paid Extra For Working More Than Usual
Solution: Overtime

Question: Greek God Whom The Drug Morphine Was Named After
Solution: Morpheus

Question: Horses With One Horn
Solution: Unicorns

Question: In A Fatal Way
Solution: Lethally

Question: January Festival The Start Of Carnival In Germany
Solution: Epiphany

Question: Japanese Sauce Made Of Soy Sauce Sugar And Ginger
Solution: Teriyaki

Question: Poet With A Statue In Berlins Gendarmenmarkt
Solution: Schiller

Question: Protective Guard Worn On A Skaters Arm
Solution: Elbow pad

Question: Speedy Painting Method Using Layers Of Moist Paint
Solution: Wet on wet

Question: The Decade Of Big Hair The Walkman And MTV
Solution: Eighties

Question: These Wives Are Scarily Perfect In Classic Film
Solution: Stepford

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