Codycross Fantasy World Group 873 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Faun In The World Of Narnia
Solution: Tumnus

Question: A Series Of Eight Notes In A Musical Interval
Solution: Octave

Question: An Indian Man Known For His Nonviolent Philosophy
Solution: Gandhi

Question: Bull Or Horoscope Sign For April May Births
Solution: Taurus

Question: Catchy Phrases Used In Advertising
Solution: Slogans

Question: Doctors Assistants
Solution: Nurses

Question: Extremely Ornamental Art Style Of Goya And Watteau
Solution: Rococo

Question: Ghosts Specters Phantoms
Solution: Spooks

Question: Hes The Friendly Ghost From The Harvey Comics
Solution: Casper

Question: Light Switch That Lowers The Brightness
Solution: Dimmer

Question: Nicolas Cage Film About Prisoner Flight
Solution: Con air

Question: No Longer Performing At Ones Best
Solution: Past it

Question: Plant Tissue That Carries Nutrients Through It
Solution: Phloem

Question: Quartz Aggregate That Is A Birthstone For March
Solution: Jasper

Question: Ran The Pavement
Solution: Jogged

Question: Richard Dean Anderson TV Show Set In The Old West
Solution: Legend

Question: Tibetan Who Guides Climbers In The Himalaya
Solution: Sherpa

Question: Underground Pipes That Transport Waste
Solution: Sewers

Question: What Type A File Is Eg PDF Xlsx
Solution: Format

Question: Green Where Runaways Get Spliced Over An Anvil
Solution: Gretna

Question: Kreme North Carolina Doughnut Company
Solution: Krispy

Question: Lens Layer Added To Optical Devices
Solution: Coated

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