Codycross Fantasy World Group 872 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: 1920s Term For Excellent Used By Bertie Wooster
Solution: Spiffing

Question: A Raised Surface That People Can Stand On
Solution: Platform

Question: A Story That Symbolically Addresses Current Issues
Solution: Allegory

Question: Ancient Romes Adversary In The Punic Wars
Solution: Carthage

Question: Audio Episodes About Different Interesting Topics
Solution: Podcasts

Question: Distilled Petroleum Fuel Used For Lanterns
Solution: Kerosene

Question: Game Blocks With Dots On Their Faces
Solution: Dominoes

Question: Hound Of Hades Three Headed Dog
Solution: Cerberus

Question: Japanese Mushroom That Grows On Decaying Trees
Solution: Shiitake

Question: Metal More Precious Than Gold Symbol Pt
Solution: Platinum

Question: Round Cabin Window On An Ocean Liner
Solution: Porthole

Question: Sauteed Seasoned Bread Cubes
Solution: Croutons

Question: Slang For A Large Noisy Party That Can Turn Ugly
Solution: Bunfight

Question: The X Men Mutant Who Shapeshifts Into Other People
Solution: Mystique

Question: The Horizontal Placed Between Goalposts
Solution: Crossbar

Question: Twisted Wrenched Eg A Ankle
Solution: Sprained

Question: Type Of Bird Also Called A Passerine
Solution: Perching

Question: Zodiac Symbol For Most November Birthdays
Solution: Scorpion

Question: In Blue Gershwin Classical Jazz Composition
Solution: Rhapsody

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