Codycross Fantasy World Group 872 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: 2005 Tim Roth Remake Of Japanese Horror
Solution: Dark water

Question: A Celebrity Or Admirers Signature
Solution: Autograph

Question: Allowing Matter Or Liquids To Pass Through
Solution: Permeable

Question: Another Name For The Huge Hairy Man Called Bigfoot
Solution: Sasquatch

Question: Biblical Punishment Of Fire And This
Solution: Brimstone

Question: Chinese Toy Dog Breed With Long Black And Tan Hair
Solution: Pekingese

Question: Devices That Turn Blowing Air Into Energy
Solution: Windmills

Question: Dutch Origin Language Spoken In South Africa
Solution: Afrikaans

Question: French Fruit And Batter Pastry Made With Cherries
Solution: Clafoutis

Question: Got Pregnant
Solution: Conceived

Question: Hes The Mastermind Behind Scream And Swamp Thing
Solution: Wes craven

Question: Janet Stephanie Plum Series Novelist
Solution: Evanovich

Question: Jesus Had This Vocation Before Preaching
Solution: Carpenter

Question: One Person Who Helps Another Commit A Crime
Solution: Accessory

Question: One Who Plays The Six String
Solution: Guitarist

Question: People Who Buy Stuff
Solution: Consumers

Question: Red Suited Fearless Marvel Superhero
Solution: Daredevil

Question: Steeds First Ever Leather Clad Sidekick
Solution: Cathy gale

Question: The Observation Wheel Located On The River Thames
Solution: London eye

Question: These Include Push Ups Squats
Solution: Exercises

Question: Africana Latin Name For African Bush Elephant
Solution: Loxodonta

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