Codycross Fantasy World Group 872 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Absent Professor Eccentric Literary Character
Solution: Minded

Question: Beautiful Pinks 2017 Chart Topping Album
Solution: Trauma

Question: Boy With Wax Wings That Flew Too Close To The Sun
Solution: Icarus

Question: Company That Made Wearable Tech Called Glass
Solution: Google

Question: Facts Knowledge Imprint Of Infobase Publishing
Solution: On file

Question: Fighting Joe Assigned To The Army Of The Potomac
Solution: Hooker

Question: Finish City Of An Antipodean Boxing Day Yacht Race
Solution: Hobart

Question: Groups Of Witches
Solution: Covens

Question: He Sat On A Wall Then Had A Great Fall Dumpty
Solution: Humpty

Question: Japanese Culture Of Cute
Solution: Kawaii

Question: Keir First UK Labour Party Leader
Solution: Hardie

Question: Mauritius Is Located In This Ocean
Solution: Indian

Question: Mystery Solved The Did It
Solution: Butler

Question: Oldest Character In The Golden Girls
Solution: Sophia

Question: Outer Edges Of A Slice Of Bread
Solution: Crusts

Question: Outer Edges Of Bread Slices
Solution: Crusts

Question: Piggy Mammals With Long Noses Anagram Of A Strip
Solution: Tapirs

Question: Plan Showing The Proposed Look And Function
Solution: Design

Question: South American Llama Relative
Solution: Alpaca

Question: Tax Returned To Earner For Overpayment
Solution: Rebate

Question: Tony John Travoltas Saturday Night Fever Role
Solution: Manero

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