Codycross Fantasy World Group 871 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Classifications Of Animals Or Plants
Solution: Species

Question: December Holiday Named For Fruits Of The Harvest
Solution: Kwanzaa

Question: Holes That Let You To See Images On The Next Page
Solution: Cutouts

Question: Host City Of The 2008 Olympic Games
Solution: Beijing

Question: Mythical Griffin Like Wonderland Character
Solution: Gryphon

Question: Mythological Founder Of Rome Twin Of Remus
Solution: Romulus

Question: Not On The Internet
Solution: Offline

Question: Partner To Glitz In Hollywood
Solution: Glamour

Question: Rock Singer From New Jersey Wrote Its My Life
Solution: Bon jovi

Question: Scent Marketed Toward Women
Solution: Perfume

Question: Son Of Apollo And Calliope Who Played The Lyre
Solution: Orpheus

Question: Tecumseh 1812 War Ally Was Leader Of This Nation
Solution: Shawnee

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