Codycross Fantasy World Group 871 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Mammal That Is Covered In Overlapping Scales
Solution: Pangolin

Question: Charlotte Brontes Novel About A Governess
Solution: Jane eyre

Question: Day Of Week Named For A Roman God Of Agriculture
Solution: Saturday

Question: Dont Count These Animals Before They Hatch
Solution: Chickens

Question: Language Learning App With Logo Of An Owl
Solution: Duolingo

Question: Less Clear Less Defined
Solution: Blurrier

Question: Mechanisms For Firing Guns
Solution: Triggers

Question: Method For Dividing Larger Numbers
Solution: Chunking

Question: Natural Area With Trees Anagram Of Download
Solution: Woodland

Question: One Should Not Count Their Before They Hatch
Solution: Chickens

Question: Photographer And Poet Muse Of Picasso
Solution: Dora maar

Question: Son Of A Man 1968 Dusty Springfield Hit
Solution: Preacher

Question: Use A Board With A Sail To Do This
Solution: Windsurf

Question: Willow Smith Is Will And Jadas
Solution: Daughter

Question: Yellowish Skin Caused By High Bilirubin Levels
Solution: Jaundice

Question: Or Ulster Cycle Branch Of Celtic Mythology
Solution: Ultonian

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