Codycross Fantasy World Group 870 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Lights Action
Solution: Camera

Question: A Lee Daniels Show Starring Taraji P Henson
Solution: Empire

Question: Country That Celebrates Bastille Day
Solution: France

Question: Flower Associated With Virility In Ancient Greece
Solution: Orchid

Question: Home Of A Religious Community Convent Monastery
Solution: Priory

Question: Indian Board Game Played With Small Wooden Disks
Solution: Carrom

Question: Liquid In Blood That Carries Cells Through Veins
Solution: Plasma

Question: Pink Fish That Is A Staple Of A Bears Diet
Solution: Salmon

Question: Pounding Tool Used With A Mortar In A Kitchen
Solution: Pestle

Question: Scleras Of The Eye
Solution: Whites

Question: The Magic Word When Asking For Somerthing
Solution: Please

Question: This Nations Flag Was The First At The South Pole
Solution: Norway

Question: Younger Brother Of Ludwig Van Beethoven
Solution: Kaspar

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