Codycross Fantasy World Group 869 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Alphabetically First Daughter Of Oedipus Jocasta
Solution: Antigone

Question: Chilean American Slayer Vocalist
Solution: Tom araya

Question: Draco Malfoys Son Friend Of Albus Potter
Solution: Scorpius

Question: Edible Snail Dish Found On A French Menu
Solution: Escargot

Question: Gambling Game Involving A Wheel And A Ball
Solution: Roulette

Question: Guardian Angel In Its A Wonderful Life
Solution: Clarence

Question: Intense Headache Also Known As Hemicrania
Solution: Migraine

Question: Sales Involving Bidding
Solution: Auctions

Question: She Helped Discover DNAs Structure Franklin
Solution: Rosalind

Question: The Flowers On Trees In The Springtime
Solution: Blossoms

Question: The Woman Who Helped Discover DNAs Structure
Solution: Rosalind

Question: The Worlds Biggest Snake
Solution: Anaconda

Question: To Turn The Hand So That It Faces Upward
Solution: Supinate

Question: Warrior Title Son Of Power In Celtic Tradition
Solution: Mac cecht

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