Codycross Fantasy World Group 869 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: 1960 Epic Starring Kirk Douglas As A Roman Slave
Solution: Spartacus

Question: A Creamy Cheese Named After A Village In Normandy
Solution: Camembert

Question: Ancient Greek Settlement Built On A Hill
Solution: Acropolis

Question: Board Game Featuring The Character Cavity Sam
Solution: Operation

Question: Christian Ritual Of Consecrating Bread And Wine
Solution: Eucharist

Question: Contestants On Project Runway
Solution: Designers

Question: Curved Swords Swung By Pirates
Solution: Cutlasses

Question: Fanciful And Playful
Solution: Whimsical

Question: Fluid Dynamics Scientist With Airflow Principle
Solution: Bernoulli

Question: Insertion Of Medicine Into The Body With A Syringe
Solution: Injection

Question: Januarys Birth Flower
Solution: Carnation

Question: Musical Tempo Keeping Device
Solution: Metronome

Question: Plain On Which Stonehenge Lies
Solution: Salisbury

Question: Someone Who Works For Free
Solution: Volunteer

Question: Walked On By Celebrities At Film Premieres
Solution: Red carpet

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