Codycross Fantasy World Group 868 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Architectural Style Of The Chrysler Building In NY
Solution: Art deco

Question: Blood Is Than Water
Solution: Thicker

Question: Celtic Goddess Of Woodlands Married Adamair
Solution: Flidais

Question: Director Of The Italian Film Nights Of Cabiria
Solution: Fellini

Question: French Designer Hermes Is Known For This Accessory
Solution: Handbag

Question: Include Someone In Something
Solution: Involve

Question: Main Veggie In Coleslaw
Solution: Cabbage

Question: Old Great European Painters Of The 14 18th C
Solution: Masters

Question: Stephen King Novel Set In Haunted Hotel The
Solution: Shining

Question: Supermans Home Planet
Solution: Krypton

Question: Very Light Rainfall
Solution: Drizzle

Question: Eyes Top Hit From Hall Oates
Solution: Private

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