Codycross Fantasy World Group 868 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Baby Bird Whose Wings Are Good Enough For Flight
Solution: Fledgling

Question: Constructed Waterway Linking North And Baltic Seas
Solution: Kiel canal

Question: Describes Expensive Elegant Indulgences
Solution: Luxurious

Question: Dutch Master Who Painted The Night Watch
Solution: Rembrandt

Question: French Philosopher Father Of Analytical Geometry
Solution: Descartes

Question: Manmade Waterway Linking North And Baltic Seas
Solution: Kiel canal

Question: Orally Defamed
Solution: Slandered

Question: Person Who Directs An Orchestra With Gestures
Solution: Conductor

Question: Political System Ruled By A Single Potentate
Solution: Autocracy

Question: Princes Peachs Last Name In Video Games
Solution: Toadstool

Question: Princess Peachs English Name Until Super Mario 64
Solution: Toadstool

Question: Spanish Court Painter Famous For Las Meninas
Solution: Velazquez

Question: The Tubular Part Of The Digestive System
Solution: Intestine

Question: Thin Sliced Meat Fried And Coated In Breadcrumbs
Solution: Schnitzel

Question: Tourist Destination Capital Of The Netherlands
Solution: Amsterdam

Question: Tragic Character Who Marries Othello
Solution: Desdemona

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