Codycross Fantasy World Group 867 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Bull Man Defeated By Theseus And Ball Of Thread
Solution: Minotaur

Question: Harry Potters Map Closed With Words Managed
Solution: Mischief

Question: Its The Capital Of Finland
Solution: Helsinki

Question: Lunch Option Two Slices Of Bread With Filling
Solution: Sandwich

Question: Nationality Of Composer Anton Bruckner
Solution: Austrian

Question: Nickname Of The Semi Mythical El Dorado
Solution: Lost city

Question: Occasional Or Periodic
Solution: Sporadic

Question: Sicilian Seaport Associated With Archimedes
Solution: Syracuse

Question: The Last Name Of The Pioneer Of Physics
Solution: Einstein

Question: To Have Last Minute Nerves Before Getting Married
Solution: Cold feet

Question: Tom Cruise Movie Or The Drinking Hour
Solution: Cocktail

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