Codycross Fantasy World Group 866 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Arcade Shooter Named For A Multi Legged Arthropod
Solution: Centipede

Question: Currently Holding Office
Solution: Incumbent

Question: Jolly Morale Boosting Song Sung By Sailors
Solution: Sea shanty

Question: Lawbreakers Those Who Do Wrong
Solution: Criminals

Question: Librarian Who Keeps Track Of Historic Records
Solution: Archivist

Question: Magic Invisibility Mist Used By Ancient Irish Gods
Solution: Feth fiada

Question: Midweek 24 Hours Named After The Norse God Odin
Solution: Wednesday

Question: Mythical Arthurian Land Near The Scilly Isles
Solution: Lyonnesse

Question: Sedimentary Rock Used To Make Concrete
Solution: Limestone

Question: Software To Prevent Malicious Attacks
Solution: Antivirus

Question: Someone Currently Holding Office
Solution: Incumbent

Question: System That Helps Someone Fly A Plane
Solution: Autopilot

Question: Time Lord Who Made A Comeback In The 2000s
Solution: Doctor who

Question: Tiny Bird With Flame Head Feathers
Solution: Firecrest

Question: US State The Site Of Roswell
Solution: New mexico

Question: Twins Born On The Same Day But Different Years
Solution: Celestial

Question: Weaver Actress Of Alien
Solution: Sigourney

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