Codycross Fantasy World Group 866 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Mythical Humanoid Creature That Causes Mischief
Solution: Goblin

Question: Become Visible
Solution: Appear

Question: Broadway Superstar Fictional Sea Male
Solution: Merman

Question: Dome Shaped Vaulted Roof
Solution: Cupola

Question: James Camerons Most Expensive Movie
Solution: Avatar

Question: Jules French Choreographer Of La Esmeralda
Solution: Perrot

Question: Lore Says That She Was Adams First Wife Not Eve
Solution: Lilith

Question: Margaret Author Of The Sequel The Testaments
Solution: Atwood

Question: Parts Of Acts In A Play
Solution: Scenes

Question: Plant Based Sugar Substitute
Solution: Stevia

Question: This Bug Is Underground For Years Before Emerging
Solution: Cicada

Question: To Drop Criminal Charges By An Innocent Verdict
Solution: Acquit

Question: Trudeau Who Became Canadas Prime Minister In 2015
Solution: Justin

Question: Womans Top That Ties Behind The Neck
Solution: Halter

Question: Horse Malware Spread By Clicking On Fake Links
Solution: Trojan

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