Codycross Fantasy World Group 866 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A DC Comics Term For A Person With Powers
Solution: Metahuman

Question: Flexible Connective Tissue That Forms Shape Of Ear
Solution: Cartilage

Question: Hermes Was The Of The Gods
Solution: Messenger

Question: Long Parasites In The Class Cestoda
Solution: Tapeworms

Question: Roberts And MacLaine Friendship Flick Steel
Solution: Magnolias

Question: Round Yellow Legumes That Are The Basis Of Hummus
Solution: Chickpeas

Question: Sculptor In Greek Mythology Or Shaw Play
Solution: Pygmalion

Question: Sedimentary Rock Made Of Quartz Or Feldspar
Solution: Sandstone

Question: Singer Of Firework I Kissed A Girl Teenage Dream
Solution: Katy perry

Question: Single
Solution: Unmarried

Question: The Wizard Of Oz Novel By L Frank Baum
Solution: Wonderful

Question: The Probable Outlook Or Likely Outcome
Solution: Prognosis

Question: What Meteorologists Give On The News
Solution: Forecasts

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