Codycross Fantasy World Group 865 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Adding Someone On Facebook
Solution: Friending

Question: An Event That Requires Immediate Attention
Solution: Emergency

Question: Ballet Position 1 Leg Raised The Other On Point
Solution: Arabesque

Question: Connection Of Electricity Supply To The Earth
Solution: Grounding

Question: Hazelnuts Almonds Pecans Cashews All Together
Solution: Mixed nuts

Question: Movie About A Tornado Filled With Sharks
Solution: Sharknado

Question: Mushroom With A Stem And Umbrella Shaped Cap
Solution: Toadstool

Question: Persian Style Residence Built By P T Barnum
Solution: Iranistan

Question: Pivotal Battles In N Africa In 1942
Solution: El alamein

Question: Rapidly Expanded Or Inflated
Solution: Ballooned

Question: Rowboat Steerers
Solution: Coxswains

Question: Space Shuttle That Took Many Flights
Solution: Discovery

Question: Spotted Red Mushroom Found In Fairy Tales
Solution: Toadstool

Question: What Mr Claus Wears To Deliver Christmas Gifts
Solution: Santa suit

Question: Whooping Cough
Solution: Pertussis

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