Codycross Fantasy World Group 865 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Amphibious Power Up Costume In Super Mario
Solution: Frog suit

Question: Arthur Miller Wrote About The Death Of One
Solution: Salesman

Question: Clapping At A Theatre Or Sports Event
Solution: Applause

Question: Clive Cusslers Fictional Marine Adventurer
Solution: Dirk pitt

Question: Feral Feline That Prowls Between Streets
Solution: Alley cat

Question: Gaga Fans Are Called Little
Solution: Monsters

Question: Hard Yellow Italian Cheese
Solution: Parmesan

Question: Keyboard Character Made By Typing Shift 8
Solution: Asterisk

Question: Likely To Explode With Lava
Solution: Volcanic

Question: Mel Gibson Western Or An Unorthodox Person
Solution: Maverick

Question: Netflix Show About Grownup Karate Kid
Solution: Cobra kai

Question: Put A Turkey Or Ham On These Large Serving Dishes
Solution: Platters

Question: Region Of Italy Containing The Province Of Naples
Solution: Campania

Question: The Flexible Appendage Of An Octopus
Solution: Tentacle

Question: US Fashion Designer Who Edited Vogue 1972 87
Solution: Vera wang

Question: Writhed And Fidgeted
Solution: Wriggled

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