Codycross Fantasy World Group 865 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Young Tree
Solution: Sapling

Question: Becoming Sore Because Of Rubbing
Solution: Chafing

Question: Cleared Barriers On The Track Or Metaphorically
Solution: Hurdled

Question: Erna Who Became Norways PM In 2013
Solution: Solberg

Question: First Name Of Russian Abstract Artist Kandinsky
Solution: Wassily

Question: German Twisted And Salted Bread
Solution: Pretzel

Question: Iron To Add Volume And Rounded Bounce To Hair
Solution: Curling

Question: Large Desert Lake Between Ethiopia And Kenya
Solution: Turkana

Question: Lennon McCartney Starr And Harrison
Solution: Beatles

Question: Painter For Henry VII Hans The Younger
Solution: Holbein

Question: Paul Verhoevens Mechanical Crime Fighter
Solution: Robocop

Question: Policy Allowing Reproduction Of Copyright Material
Solution: Fair use

Question: Song Sung To A Baby To Encourage Sleepiness
Solution: Lullaby

Question: Room Formal Place To Entertain Guests In
Solution: Drawing

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