Codycross Fantasy World Group 862 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Plant Apt To Bring Forgetfulness
Solution: Nepenthe

Question: Apostates
Solution: Infidels

Question: Autobiographical Poet And Author Of Ham On Rye
Solution: Bukowski

Question: Bay Area City With Californias Oldest University
Solution: Berkeley

Question: Egyptian Stone Tombs For The Nobility
Solution: Mastabas

Question: Flowering Head Stalk Of Green Vegetable Plant
Solution: Broccoli

Question: Illegal Illegitimate
Solution: Unlawful

Question: Online Video Game You Might Spend 2 Weeks Playing
Solution: Fortnite

Question: Part Of An Oven Where Pots Sit On Burners
Solution: Stovetop

Question: State Of Crusty Lumpiness Often Face Powder
Solution: Cakiness

Question: The Biological Makeup Of An Organism
Solution: Genotype

Question: The Surname Of Friday The 13ths Main Character
Solution: Voorhees

Question: These Big Cats Dont Change Their Spots
Solution: Leopards

Question: Totally Exhausted Frazzled
Solution: Wiped out

Question: Very Large Pot To Cook Soup Or Stew In
Solution: Cauldron

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