Codycross Fantasy World Group 861 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: 50s Gang Name Curtains
Solution: Drapes

Question: Acclaimed Sequel To Ridley Scott Scif Fi Film
Solution: Aliens

Question: As A Joke Not Meant To Be Taken Seriously
Solution: In jest

Question: Black Widow Or Brown Recluse
Solution: Spider

Question: Dense Brunch Cake
Solution: Muffin

Question: Group Of Lines In A Poem Forming A Verse
Solution: Stanza

Question: LA Neighborhood The Fresh Prince Reigned Over
Solution: Belair

Question: Mariana In The Pacific Is The Deepest On Earth
Solution: Trench

Question: Opera About A Spanish Soldier Seduced By A Gypsy
Solution: Carmen

Question: Related To Or Coming From The Stars
Solution: Astral

Question: Removed Particles From Household Surfaces
Solution: Dusted

Question: The Material Of Kendo Sticks
Solution: Bamboo

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