Codycross Fantasy World Group 861 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: An Eyeglass For One Eye
Solution: Monocle

Question: Author Of Our Mutual Friend And Little Dorrit
Solution: Dickens

Question: Before ITunes We Bought Vinyl Albums LPs 45s
Solution: Records

Question: Cellular Division Process In Sexual Reproduction
Solution: Meiosis

Question: Contaminate The Ocean Or Rivers
Solution: Pollute

Question: Illustrating Scenes Of A Picture Book With A Pen
Solution: Drawing

Question: Medieval Christmas Drink Of Hot Mulled Cider
Solution: Wassail

Question: Most Woody Tasting Wine Matured In Barrels
Solution: Oakiest

Question: Sport With A Pole Line Hook And Body Of Water
Solution: Fishing

Question: The L In A Websites URL
Solution: Locator

Question: The Process Of Cell Division In Humans
Solution: Meiosis

Question: What The French Call A Wardrobe Cabinet
Solution: Armoire

Question: Where Figrin Dan And The Modal Nodes Play
Solution: Cantina

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