Codycross Fantasy World Group 861 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Bread Made Using A Fermented Mixture
Solution: Sourdough

Question: Common Area Outside Surrounded By Buildings
Solution: Courtyard

Question: Country Music Sub Genre With Stringed Instruments
Solution: Bluegrass

Question: Director Of Atonement And Darkest Hour
Solution: Joe wright

Question: Evil Corporation In The 90s Show The Pretender
Solution: The centre

Question: Magical Sword Of King Arthur Pulled From A Rock
Solution: Excalibur

Question: Mountain Dwelling Giant Also Known As Bigfoot
Solution: Sasquatch

Question: Raphael Chronicler And Source For Shakespeare
Solution: Holinshed

Question: Roy Of British Football Comic Strip
Solution: The rovers

Question: Russian State Space Flight Corporation
Solution: Roscosmos

Question: Stories Of Phantoms And Hauntings
Solution: Ghostlore

Question: Taking The Audiences Attention From Another Actor
Solution: Upstaging

Question: Title For An Anglican Archdeacon In Catholicism
Solution: Venerable

Question: Tranquil Japanese Style Outdoor Space
Solution: Zen garden

Question: Worlds Oldest Parliamentary Building In The Hague
Solution: Binnenhof

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