Codycross Culinary Arts Group 129 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: An Especially Wicked Woman
Solution: Jezebel

Question: Ashton First To Hit 1 Million Twitter Followers
Solution: Kutcher

Question: Belfast Country
Solution: Ireland

Question: Bone Scan For Osteoporosis
Solution: Density

Question: Buy Real Live Animals Here To Live With You
Solution: Pet shop

Question: Car Device Used For Listening To Music
Solution: Speaker

Question: Cigar Is Enjoying Different Types Of Cigars
Solution: Smoking

Question: Commercial Beer Maker
Solution: Brewery

Question: Country Home To The Cliffs Of Moher
Solution: Ireland

Question: Hanging Fabric Over A Window
Solution: Curtain

Question: Imprisoning Someone
Solution: Jailing

Question: Iron Sulfide Mineral With Metallic Luster
Solution: Pyrites

Question: Japanese Swiss Painter Leiko Born 1951
Solution: Ikemura

Question: King In Greek Mythology Who Married His Mother
Solution: Oedipus

Question: Largest Satellite Of Uranus
Solution: Titania

Question: Lively Polish Dance
Solution: Mazurka

Question: Mean A Scorseses Movie With De Niro
Solution: Streets

Question: Medicated Throat Tablet Hard Candy
Solution: Lozenge

Question: Pet Rodent With A Short Tail And Large Cheeks
Solution: Hamster

Question: Picture
Solution: Perfect

Question: Prayer Recited By Jewish Mourners
Solution: Kaddish

Question: Running Jumping Hybrid Olympic Sport
Solution: Hurdles

Question: Small Soft Skin Growths
Solution: Skin tag

Question: Smooching Rodin Sculpture
Solution: The kiss

Question: Word For Ocean In Greek
Solution: Okeanos

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