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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Alice Maker Of Feminine And Wedding Dresses
Solution: Temperley

Question: Big Fat Fishy Neckwear From The 70s
Solution: Kipper tie

Question: Chinese Wedding Cake
Solution: Marry girl

Question: Decorative Coverall For Base Of Festive Conifer
Solution: Tree skirt

Question: Decorative Mineral Crystals Used In Jewelry
Solution: Gemstones

Question: Emu Country
Solution: Australia

Question: Flirtation Casual Relationship
Solution: Dalliance

Question: Generous Giving Unselfishly
Solution: Bountiful

Question: Gershwin Musical Includes The Song SWonderful
Solution: Funny face

Question: Hand Or Foot The Furthest Away Part Of The Body
Solution: Extremity

Question: High Female Tarot Card
Solution: Priestess

Question: John Candy Is The Title Character In This 89 Film
Solution: Uncle buck

Question: Person Who Prepares Raw Fish And Rice Rolls
Solution: Sushi chef

Question: Relating To The Production Of Cold Temperatures
Solution: Cryogenic

Question: Someone Who Acts Quickly And Irrationally
Solution: Hot headed

Question: Tavern In The Merry Wives Of Windsor
Solution: Garter inn

Question: The Cheap Seats In Sports
Solution: Bleachers

Question: UK Lewd Comedian With Slapstick 70s TV Show
Solution: Benny hill

Question: When A Woman Ceases Having Menstrual Periods
Solution: Menopause

Question: Where Bands Hang Out When Not Performing
Solution: Green room

Question: Pearmain Apple Variety Named After A UK City
Solution: Worcester

Question: Reserves Network Of Protected Ecosystems
Solution: Biosphere

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