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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Another Name For A Goalkeeper
Solution: Netminder

Question: Canadian 1942 Documentary About The Life Of Miners
Solution: Northland

Question: Central European Dynasty Lasted Seven Centuries
Solution: Habsburgs

Question: Chew Ones Food
Solution: Masticate

Question: Compound Of Unnatural Origin
Solution: Synthetic

Question: Controversial Issue And Lunch
Solution: Hot potato

Question: Device To Capture Rodents
Solution: Mouse trap

Question: First Leader Of Nationalist Party KMT In China
Solution: Sun yatsen

Question: Ink Container Bullet Case
Solution: Cartridge

Question: Make Someone Very Angry
Solution: Infuriate

Question: Michael Host Of Eponymous Chat Show Of The 70s
Solution: Parkinson

Question: Moist Tissues For Cleaning Infants Spills
Solution: Baby wipes

Question: Nerve Shredding Event
Solution: Nail biter

Question: Philandering Fictional Ad Man On A TV Series
Solution: Don draper

Question: Revealing Details
Solution: Divulging

Question: Someone Who Mixes Drinks And Serves Cocktails
Solution: Bartender

Question: US Songwriter Responsible For Wichita Lineman
Solution: Jimmy webb

Question: Ursine Soft Toy
Solution: Teddy bear

Question: Without Regard For Reason Or Reality
Solution: Fantastic

Question: Wooden Devices For Attaching Washing To A Line
Solution: Dolly pegs

Question: Games French War Drama Hit Outside France
Solution: Forbidden

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