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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 7th Silent Film 1 Of First 3 Oscar Nominated
Solution: Heaven

Question: A Variation Of Baccarat De Fer
Solution: Chemin

Question: Accommodation For Ship Passengers
Solution: Cabins

Question: Bicycle For Two
Solution: Tandem

Question: Black Beer Cocktail With Champagne
Solution: Velvet

Question: Cloth Maker With A Loom
Solution: Weaver

Question: Country Formerly Known As Portuguese West Africa
Solution: Angola

Question: Embedded Something Into The Surface Of An Object
Solution: Inlaid

Question: First European Nation To Have An Elected President
Solution: France

Question: Folding Table For Tube Watching
Solution: Tv tray

Question: Grasp The Taking Hold Of A Difficult Problem
Solution: Nettle

Question: Months That Start On Will Have Friday The 13th
Solution: Sunday

Question: Rapper And Actor Busta
Solution: Rhymes

Question: Sabre Toothed Tiger From The Plains Of Africa
Solution: Ennedi

Question: Samuel Richardson Novel Subtitled Virtue Rewarded
Solution: Pamela

Question: Singer Who Wrote Imagine John
Solution: Lennon

Question: Social News Discussion Site Perused It
Solution: Reddit

Question: State And Former Kingdom And Duchy In East Germany
Solution: Saxony

Question: Toy For Two Kids One At Each End Up And Down
Solution: Seesaw

Question: Darko Surreal Halloween Film With Giant Rabbit
Solution: Donnie

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