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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 50s Mens Hairstyle Upbrushed And Set At The Front
Solution: Quiffs

Question: Afro Hairstyle With Two Strands Wrapped Around
Solution: Twists

Question: Book By Economist Adam Smith The Of Nations
Solution: Wealth

Question: Cause Resentfulness With Careless Comments
Solution: Offend

Question: Conspicuously Uncouth Graceless
Solution: Gauche

Question: Elvis Manager Colonel Tom
Solution: Parker

Question: First Kid In 1996 Starred Comedian
Solution: Sinbad

Question: Glass Jug For Water Or Wine
Solution: Carafe

Question: Highest Peak On Antarctica
Solution: Vinson

Question: Japanese Peach Jelly Eaten In The Summer
Solution: Hakuto

Question: Landing Strip
Solution: Runway

Question: Macabre But Funny Family Gomez And Morticia
Solution: Addams

Question: National Airline Of Belgium From 1923 To 2001
Solution: Sabena

Question: Primed Containing Ammunition
Solution: Loaded

Question: Someone Who Creates Masterpieces
Solution: Artist

Question: Sports Name Comes From Association Football
Solution: Soccer

Question: It Out Is Based On The Nickelodeon TV Show
Solution: Figure

Question: Kate Cole Porter Musical Based On Shakespeare
Solution: Kiss me

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