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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Backgammon Is One Of The Board Games
Solution: Oldest

Question: Black The Chronicle Of A Horses Sad Life
Solution: Beauty

Question: Country That Once Had Three Presidents In One Day
Solution: Mexico

Question: Dining Table Chair With Arms
Solution: Carver

Question: Do You Want To Know A Beatles Hit From 1963
Solution: Secret

Question: Driving Direction Options From A To B
Solution: Routes

Question: ESAs Probe That Rendezvoused With Halleys Comet
Solution: Giotto

Question: Escapes Or Avoids
Solution: Eludes

Question: Haley Joel Plays Troubled Boy In Sixth Sense
Solution: Osment

Question: Harangue Diatribe
Solution: Tirade

Question: Jerrys Wacky Neighbor On Seinfeld
Solution: Kramer

Question: Keyboard Made To Be Superior To Standard One
Solution: Dvorak

Question: Parcheesi Is An Adaptation Of Cross And Circle
Solution: Indian

Question: Rules Royally
Solution: Reigns

Question: San Diego Play At Petco Park
Solution: Padres

Question: Servant An Obedient Follower A Footman Or Valet
Solution: Lackey

Question: Sparkly Headband Used As A Crown
Solution: Diadem

Question: The Only Creatures That Terrify Indiana Jones
Solution: Snakes

Question: Wacky Nearby Resident To Jerry On Seinfeld
Solution: Kramer

Question: De Carlo Or Lily Munster
Solution: Yvonne

Question: In Distress Stereotypical Girl In Trouble
Solution: Damsel

Question: The City Sitcom Series Based Around Four Women
Solution: Sex and

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